Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beer Run!!!

A couple weeks ago my fiance Anne informed me that Victoria (our friend in DC) found an awesome place to buy beer and wine in Washington D.C. She also mentioned that Victoria would be driving back to Kansas in a few weeks. I immediately asked if she would be willing to pick me up a few beers to bring back with her. Fortunately for me she said yes and the search began. The store she was going to was called Chevy Chase Wine and Spirits. With a name like that it had to be good right?!?! The website has a search feature so you can browse their inventory to see what they have or usually have in stock. I was looking to pick up a few 750ml and 6 packs of beer you can not get around here. I was in luck Chevy Chase Wine and Spirits was loaded with good beer I have been wanting to try!! Here is a run down of the beer I was able to score.

(1) 750ml Dogfish Head Theobroma
(1) 750ml Brooklyn Brewery Locol #1
(1) 750ml Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace
(1) 12.7 oz Cantillon Iris
(1) 6 pack Kona Brewing Fire Rock Pale Ale
(8) 12 oz Firestone Walker Double Barrel Pale Ale
(2) 6 packs Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale
(3) 6 pack Yuengling Traditional Lager

Good mix of beers for breweries we can not get in Kansas. There were many more at Chevy Chase I would have liked to get but I didn't want to over do the gracious offer I was extended. I just want to give a shout out to Victoria.....your awesome!!! I plan on sharing these with the KC Hop Heaven crew and posting some tasting notes on here in the near future. Cheers!!


  1. Who-hoo! So glad I could help - the guys at the place were so fun. I gave them the list and they gathered it in like ten minutes! Interesting side note: I bought it at that Chevy Chase because in Virginia beer isn't sold in liquor stores - only in the grocery store. Chevy Chase has it all!

  2. Thanks again!!! With a name like Chevy Chase it has to be awesome!!!

  3. With a lineup of beers like that, you know I'm coming over!