Monday, September 10, 2012

Oktoberfest 2012 Event Information

Please navigate the below buttons to RSVP to Oktoberfest.  This is going to be an amazing event, and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you.

Be sure if you want a stein to preorder.  There are only 50 available, and the price will increase the day of to $50 just for the stein (IF there are any left).  Also preorder your shirt if you would like one!  It helps us so we can order the correct amount without getting stuck with a bunch, AND the price increases to $20 the day of the event!

Final Product!

Just go down the line and add anything you would like and it will automatically update your cart. Then you can checkout a single time.  Please add any names of people that will be attending. Thank you!

If you wish to preorder/donate early please use the below buttons and input your name in the spot provided so we can associate your donation with your name.  Thanks!

If you choose not to preorder/donate before the event and want to donate the day of please: 

PLEASE have a designated driver. We encourage NO drinking and driving whatsoever. There are plenty of cab companies out there, and we will have the numbers for at least THREE cab companies. If you need a number, let us know! This will also help with parking. There is quite a bit of parking, but it is still limited, so please CARPOOL out there. SERIOUSLY.... Carpool!

Date/Time: Saturday September 29th, from Noon - 6pm. 

The Pavillion at City Park, Kansas City, Kansas

It is the huge shelter at the very top of City Park, just keep driving up and you cannot miss it.

Some FAQ's:

Am I allowed to bring my own food and beverages into the festival area?
Yes, but keep in mind we will be providing food and drink.

Are there seats available or do I bring my lawn chair or blanket?
There are plenty of picnic tables located inside the Pavillion. If you'd like to be in the sunshine as it will be an excellent day, please bring blankets and lawn chairs!  Many people in the past have chosen to bring lawn games, these are encouraged as well.

Are there restrooms and parking?
Restrooms are located within a short distance from the Pavillion.

Are pets allowed?
Yes! Please bring your pets. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times, and able to play nicely with other pets and people!

Are children allowed to come?
Oktoberfest is a 21 and over event by nature, but; we do understand child-care circumstances come up and children are allowed.

How do I become a vendor at Oktoberfest next year?
Please talk with our Event and Vendor Coordinator Kyle Fitzgerald at the event.

For any additional information, please RSVP to KC.Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest Team


  1. I do hope that this event would be successful! I love the mugs you made... Even if I haven't seen a finished one, it really does look great. It's also great that pets and children are allowed. This must be a fun event! Too bad I learned about it late...

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