Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Kansas City Beer Blog! Projected Content.

So, we are huge beer geeks. We are hardcore homebrewers, love great beer from all over the world, and really want to help lift Kansas City and the midwest to the next level in beer RESPECT! With a couple other blogs shutting down or taking hiatuses, we decided now would be a great time to start one up. Here is a mostly inclusive list of what we would like to cover on here:

Beer Reviews
- process
- equipment
- techniques
- recipes
- ingredients
Local Event Coverage
- Beer Release Parties for local breweries
- Beer festivals (Irish Fest, KC BrewHaHa, Maifest (more to come on this), homebrew gatherings)
Local Brewery Info (tidbits of info, seasonals, special releases, etc.)

There is always a beer centric event going on somewhere it seems, so we will try and cover the ones we find most interesting. We really like being creative with our homebrew concoctions. We will post about our brewdays, and will blast out our recipes and techniques. Please feel free to comment or advise, as we are always looking to improve and become more knowledgeable.

The appearance will continue to evolve for the blog. For now we are using the template so we can get started sooner rather than later. If you have any ideas for a real sweet header, send em over!

Hopefully you find this blog interesting and useful!

Thomas, Kyle, and Ashley!

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