Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review: Bell's Brewery Hopslam

The Beer:

Bell's Brewery releases this as a special edition in early January. It is only released to a few states, and Missouri happens to be one of them. A lot of people were excited about the tap version, which was released the same night as the Boulevard Collaboration party. I went to the party, and ended up getting some bottles of Hopslam from Kyle. He got them at The Cellar Rat, a STELLAR liquor store. Good work on his part!

ABV: 10%
Original Gravity: 1.087
Final Gravity: not listed
IBU's: not listed
Hops: not listed
Malts: not listed

Appearance: A very good color for Pale Ale's. A nice dark golden color, probably around 12-13 SRM. Not a ton of residual head. Some very slight lacing.

Aroma: A delicious hoppy aroma. Citrusy. Not overwhelming, but very pronounced hoppiness. Smells awesome. No hints of alcohol.

Palate: Good carbonation. Slight resin.

Flavor: Tastes just like it smells. (Redundancy on) Very hoppy, but not overwhelming. Front end is hoppy. Back end is hoppy. After taste is hoppy. There is no hint of alcohol, just like the aroma, even though it is 10% ABV. Very hop heavy.

Verdict: It is a hop heavy beer, but not overwhelming like many hoppy beers are. I would say it is one of my favorite hip hop hoppy beers. (Redundancy off) But I wouldn't have missed Jean-Marie Rock for an on-tap version! It is a little expensive too by the way.

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