Monday, February 8, 2010

Easy Hop Hanger Design.

So after making two beers with an immense amount of hops, I am officially tired of dealing with the hop chunks remaining in the beer post boil. I have been whirlpooling hard, and then siphoning off because I was concerned that my bazooka style filter would get clogged from the amount of hop sediment.

After kegging a Pliny The Elder clone last weekend, it immediately jammed up my corny keg, and I had to disassemble the thing while the beer was in it and clear it out. Instead of continuing to battle the hop sediment I decided to do something about it. Here is a simple solution I put together from a few dollars worth of items at Lowe's and a large nylon bag. I saw something similar to this on a forum some time ago, and finally got around to putting one together.

Items needed (with Lowe's part numbers):
23284 - 4" PVC Coupling - 1.99
66136 - #72 Clamp - 1.83
69886 - 1/4" -20-3' Aluminum Threaded Rod - (2) $1.64 each
Large Nylon Bag from the local homebrew shop

Drill four holes in the PVC coupling towards one end. I drilled 5/16" holes and they are about perfect size. Place the bag over one end and slide the clamp up over it and use a flathead screwdriver to tighten it. Slip the rods in and put it in the boil! Now dump all your adjuncts in the nylon bag. When the boil is over... pull it out and BAM! no trash left in your wort!

Assembly in pics...

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